Steiner ClicLoc Connector

Steiner Clickloc

Original replacement Steiner ClicLoc connectors come as pictured, with 1.5” sewn nylon codura to a metal split-ring. This allows you to connect it to your existing Steiner neck strap, Steiner harness or any aftermarket neck strap or harness. Sold in a pair only.

To purchase Steiner ClicLoc connectors, select your model from the list below.

Very Important: All ClicLoc connectors are model specific and they do not interchange. You must know which model Steiner you have in order to select the correct ClicLock connector. If you are unsure of your model or if you are a non-US Steiner customer, please email us with a picture of your model or complete this form and upload a picture of your model so we can identify it for you.

Sold in pair only.
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