How to identify model/year

To determine the model year of your binoculars you first need to locate the serial number.


For Porro Prism or Auto Focus Models

(IE: Night Hunter, Military, Commander, Marine)

The serial number is located on the face of the center hinge pin between the two objective barrels. It is small so you may need some help to see it.


For Roof Prism or Center Focus Models

(IE: Merlin, Wildlife, Peregrine and Some Predators)

The serial number is on the belly side of the binocular on the center hinge pin.

Once you have located the serial number:

For 10 Digit Serial Numbers

Take the 1st and 3rd numbers of the first line.
Or if the 10 digits are in a row still take the 1st and third digit.

  • Ex: 9042500136 – Year of manufacture: 1994
  • Ex: 0266519742 -Year of manufacture: 2006

For 5 & 7 Digit Serial Numbers

Take the 1st and 2nd numbers.

  • Ex: 86915 – Year of manufacture: 1986
  • Ex: 0021433 – Year of manufacture: 2000